Wine, Wealth & Wills

Learn why your estate plan needs to work in concert with the rest of your financial plan and why your Financial Advisor should be an integral part of your “planning team". 

DATE: June 8th, 2023
TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: The Cannon


Featured Speakers: 

Shalini Codispoti
Estate Planning Attorney

David Stix
Financial Advisor

Topics Covered:

-Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney - why you may not need them.
-How to protect your estate against court involvement if you are injured or get sick (Hint: not all Powers of Attorney will help protect assets!).
-Asset Alignment/Funding of the Estate Plan: Why is this so vital, and what does it mean?
– Beneficiary Designations: When, Why, How – Addressing the nuances depending on the type of estate plan, the type of asset, and the specific beneficiaries.
-How to protect your children's inheritance against ex-spouses or lawsuits.
-How to protect a special needs child who inherits your estate.
-How probate works and, more importantly, how you can avoid probate



Do You Know?

•The best way to title assets to ensure that your family doesn’t get stuck in court if you become incapacitated, or when you die.
• How to ensure that the assets you to leave to your children and loved ones are protected from creditors, divorce and even bankruptcy.
• That facing the reality of your death (and planning for it) is the path to creating a life worth living.
How to pass on more than just your assets, and leave a true legacy.
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