Did you know that unless your estate plan is set up properly and kept up to date it could cost your family as much as it costs you to buy a new car…or that your children could end up in the arms of a stranger…even if you have named guardians or have a will?
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Shalini Codispoti

Estate Planning Attorney

Are you playing musical chairs with your family and your finances?

If you are one of the 69% of people who don’t even have a will, then you are and someone’s going to get caught without a chair, which means conflict and Court for the people you love!

Or maybe you do have a will, but you don’t know that a will alone is simply not enough to make sure your family will stay out of court and conflict if you become incapacitated or when you die.



What You Will Learn:

• The best way to title assets to ensure that your family doesn’t get stuck in court if you become incapacitated, or when you die.
• How to ensure that the assets you to leave to your children and loved ones are protected from creditors, divorce and even bankruptcy.
• That facing the reality of your death (and planning for it) is the path to creating a life worth living.
How to pass on more than just your assets, and leave a true legacy.
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